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FiTree is a fresh seedling of a youth group made up primarily of tertiary students and graduates who gathered together with the intention of reminding the Singapore Muslim community to return to our fitrah (natural state) as true khalifah fil ardh (Stewards of the Earth).

In Ramadhan of 2013, we ran our first mosque-centric campaign to create awareness that being Green and environmentally-friendly is an important part of Islam. Through this realisation, we hope that our fellow Muslims will change their daily habits in ways that are more fitting with our God-ordained role as Stewards of the Earth.

After the inaugural Ramadhan campaign, we have since diversified and expanded the scope of our work through collaborations with a variety of organisations such as masjids, madrasahs, corporates and Muslim student societies.

FiTree’s Key Green Messages:
Islam is submitting to the Will of Allah. He creates us and the Earth, and only to Him do we obey and worship.

The value of nature is raised high by Allah, and in nature lies signs of His existence
Our amanah as Khalifah fil ardh (Stewards of the Earth)
Commandment to maintain the ecological balance (Al-Mizan)
Repugnance of Wastefulness
Fruits and Fire (Rewards and Punishment for all our actions)

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